Z-Cam E2 M4

Tilta cage w/ top handle&SSD Holder

Samsung T5 MU-PA1T0B 1TB w/USB-C

Camera accessories:

Z-Cam HDMI-SDI Converter

Tilta Matte box w/frames and ibrow

Tilta handheld

Tilta Nucleus M FIZ unit

2x Tilta M motors

2x Tilta M handles 

2x ronin ring handles grip

1x noga arm (Atomos)

Tilta LPF baseplate

Dovetail baseplate

45cm rods

30cm rods

6cm rod

Nato clamp

2x quick release clamps

Single rod clamp

Single rod screw


Vazen 40mm f2 1.8x anamorphic blue flair

Vazen x1, x2, x4, x10 diopters w/Adapter 

7artisan 35mm f1.2

500mm f8 telescopic

Lensbaby manual w/ apt rings

M42 to MFT adapter

Lens support long



Atomos ninja V w/ AtomX & sunhood

SmallHD 502 

SmallHD 702

SmallHD 1703 HDR P3X

Teradek Bolt 500 LT 3G-SDI TX/2RX


Monitoring accessories:

Wooden Camera V2 directors cage w/sunhood and neck bandage

Lp6 to ptap power cord

AB V-mount plate w/3 ptaps (702cage)

V-mount plate w/ 1ptap (1703)

1703 xlr to ptap coiled cable

1703 2x slider holders 



3x 2Tb HDD Seagate

1x 8Tb HDD Seagate w/throughout connection

3x 500Gb SSD Atomos disk

1x 32Bg microSD

1x 8Gb SmallHD SD-card

Atomos USB SSD reader



Nucleus 7pin-7pin 45cm

Nucleus 2pin-7pin 20”

Nucleus 7pin-7pin 16"&6"

Nucleus 7pin-ptap 1m

Nucleus RED DSMC2

Nucleus ARRI 3pin-7pin

Nucleus ARRI ext to 7pin


Ptap to DC 6”

Ptap to DC coiled 16”

Ptap to 2pin coiled 20”

2x ptap splitter &1x coiled

2pin to ptap splitter


2pin-2pin soft 60cm

2pin-ptap 45cm

2pin-ptap 90° 40cm

2pin-ptap (teradek)

Dc-ptap 45cm (Atomos)



45cm straight w/ 90°

45cm 90°

2x 42cm 90°

30cm 90°

18cm 90°

6cm 90°

3x corner adapter

5x BNC extensions


Power supply:

4x 98 Dynacore V-mount

1x 190 V-mount 

11x Nucleus batteries 18650

3x NP-F970 6600mAh

2x NP-F550 2600mAh

Tilta NP-F to V-mount adapter

Dynacore V-mount splitter 

2x double NPF charger


Power cords:

2x xlr cables

DC power



58mm canon polar (-1.33stop)



Starshape husky tool

Multi tool superb



Panavision Cinebag large

Kata cine backpack

SmallHD 1703 pelican

Tilta handhed pelican

Vazen 40mm pelican

Cinebag for accs

Dr Iron grip bag



Rode mics w/2 lavs 

Sony sound recorder



Rangemeter (Ft.)

Tiffen gaffer glass

ND1.8 sticker

Atomos control cable for Z-cam 

Follow Focus ring adapter for lens

Color chart

Grey chart

SD-card reader

32Gb MicroSD w/adapter

USB - usb-c cable long

Tilta turnable rod clamp

90° double rod clamp



2x 40cm pivotarms manfrotto&impact

2x Clamps w/ ratchet handle

Dslr base for pivot arm

1x zeapon suction clamp 

Finger adapters

Adapters 3/8 to

C-stand 3/8 holder




Kimtech lens napkins

Rosco lens drip

Rosco lens spray

Camera rain cover


Color clams

Duracell AAA

Welcro soft line

Welcro soft squares

Z-Cam Prores Raw via Atomos Ninja V recorder